Other Small Businesses We Love

Yes, we know all of these businesses personally. We back up their personalities and their products 100%. Homestead Made considers it as supporting us if you support any of the business listed below. Just click the Business Name to find their facebook page!

Slivers and Suds 

Shelley over at Slivers and Suds makes wonderful handmade soap in small batches. She uses ingredients such as goat milk, honey, coffee, and whole herbs. Alongside her standard bars you can find shampoo pucks, bath teas, "lumps of coal" and Poop Emojis that smell like roses and clean up nicely. Click the link to her page and you can also find an assortment of handmade crochet items!

Sasquatch BBQ Sauce Co.

Michelle and Nathan have created a wonderful series of barbecue sauce. It's so great that my daughter eats it with a spoon and cup! From burgers and hot dogs to pulled pork, baked beans, and meatball pasta, this is a crowd FAVORITE!


Sparkling and eye-catching... Chocolate dipped pretzels. Or caramel, white chocolate, mint, peanut butter, butterscotch.. the list goes on. Garnished with a simple sprinkle, nuts, M&M, coffee beans.. or maybe even a WHOLE watermelon wedge gummy?! The combinations are endless and the flavor to die for. But the Mermaid Wands may be too beautiful to eat, what do you think?

Gypsey Ginger Jewelry

More info coming soon

Rustic Twist Creations

More info coming soon

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